miércoles, 9 de octubre de 2013

This week is THEEEE WEEK!!

Salam aleikom to every one salam salam! sooo hi to every one who read me! ... im so happy because i see everything is going so well in my life im doing all the paper work is need to be done so i go to canada insh allah yarab! today im gonna get the passport of my daughter and this friday insh allah i will marry!!!(i do wanna mention that i am already married by shariah i mean islamic way but not legaly in my country coz my hubby have so much trouble to get the birth certificate from hes country) finally insh allah.... my heart is beating so fast every is coming so easy insh allah and also this 14 october sylvia (www.vivaencanada.com)come to venezuela so i can talk to her about my application in the institute ... and pay for that, yes insh allah insh allah i can have this done by this years and next year we can go to montreal to star a new proyect of life.

So guys im gonna let some pic!!! that inspire me so much!!!! bye