lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

Dusting my deen

Salam aleikom to every one salam salam! so hi again... i hope insh allah some muslim see this post, i wanna share with you people about this website productive muslim , i have seen the picture and the videos in ramadan time on youtube! but i never like was really interesting i was thinking like yeah another website about islam blah blah blah but OHHHHH MY GOD! MASH ALLAH ALEIKOM THISSSSS PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS ARE AMAZIN!!!  allah swt really give you long live so they keep doing this info that is not bored is so usefull and fun! to watch, so i decided so renovate my deen yeah to have like a goal my firts goal! to be a better muslimah yeah a better muslimah!, as strong is my feeling of going canada and give mine daughter a better life is even more important and i have a stronger feeling to give my daughter and better AFTER LIFE( paradise) insh allah, so i need to do a plan how to star read more quran, star praying fayr every day not like one day and after two days i dont! like really every day of my life, also praying on time, making more dua, helping other... and my biggest goals of all time is memorize the holy quran, insh allah! ...

also i find this website about so pretty image about islam... you need to check then out islam graphic also im gonna live some picture that i find so pretty! mash allah!!!!