lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013


Salam aleikom to every one salam salam! Fitnah what is that is gossip like scandal , sad as it sound in my job is like that ALOT ALOT ALOT gossip sometimes i can not even handle it because its too much, im so sad that it is like that. even my actually boss that is a woman is soooo gossip girl , its get to the point when i doesnt matter you as a profissional just matter if i like you, if you are my friend, if you a a big SUCKER yeah i sayed it sucker, like people that speak so nice in front of you but when to turn around they just kill you with the wishpering, even myself sometime i say some stuff that i shouldnt i blame myself for been like that but also the environment drive you to be like that


miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

Paper work that needs to be done

salam aleikom every one salam salam!


For now i need some paper work to be done like

  1. A new passport for me , far as a know the canadian visa will be valid the time of the passport i mean if your passport if for 4 years as well will be the canadian visa so that why i need to get a new one for me.
  2. I need the passport of my babygirl , i all ready did it but im waiting they send it to the office .
  3. The venezuelan residence of my husband because he for 2014 will be 5 years living here in venezuela so he can get the residence and also for apply for the canadian visa they need every one its residence.

beside that also i need the study paper like

  1. certification high school degree 
  2. the notes or maybe marks i dont know how to write it of the escolare .
  3. they ask me 3 letter of recomendation from 3 teacher
  4. also have made the IELTS test

lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2013

I came back to work

Salam aleikom to every one salam salam! so after been at home and traveling for a month and a little big its so hard for me. Come back to work one of the main reason its that i just came back to the reallity, im so frustated i try not to be because what will happen if i never get the chance to study in canada i will be in that case worseee than ever! like i said before i need to be positive , have positive tought about everything that happen even if is bad or good! insh allah khair

jueves, 5 de diciembre de 2013

What now? i mean what its next...

Salam aleikom to every one salam salam , long time i didnt get the chance to write in my blog and i miss it so much , well i went for a week to usa for buy some clothes for my baby and my husband since they dont have visa, i went by my self and it was so awfull because i miss my little baby so much, insh allah for next year they will come with me so we take a little vacations ...
ok back to canada subject im sooooo sad soooo sad and tired i really wanna go there to study and live, so i found that if i do the french course my husband will not have like work permit , so i star to search about university and i got little crazy because its not something that easy , after i came from usa i found this amazing university that i will tell ya later .
for now i just wanna let you know that i need to take IELTS in order to apply to this university so all my time it will focus in study for IELTS test
by the way also i wanna after i came from usa i was little big depress because there everything is sooo clean and people have every thing its not like venezuela at all, i mean americans people work ALOT WHEN I MEAN ALOT THAT ALOT but they have the chance to live well and also they have more opportunities to have like a house and car in a short period of time ... insh allah everything goes like allah swt want so we can go canada for study and work , i will keep you update it.

hey also i almost forget i was in atlanta in aunty house a little town call duluth