lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Destiny ( taking another way)

Salam aleikom to every one salam salam, so hi to every one!!! so to every one who read me, knows that my dream is to go canada and study there, as i mention before i was waiting to finish my studies here in venezuela just for get my degree i need to finsh 3 classes on my curse but the university last week they told me i can not do that because one of the classes need to be aproved before i see the another one like an example math 1 and math 2, so i was so sad and angry at the same time !!! i really wanted to finish but also this university they dont give you like options to finish that, if i stay here in venezuela , i will need to be here 1 year and a half so i dont wanna loose that kinda time when i can get a degree in canada , so i make the desicion to star all what i need to go there in november insh allah or even before plz make dua for me ... and so impress how all this happen ... i can´t wait to star all the paper work to go canada insh allah 

miércoles, 25 de septiembre de 2013

Buss caracas (Did lose an oportunity for waking up late)

Salam aleikom to every one salam salam!!! so every day of my life i take the buss caracas its a service from the goverment this is a public service of transport but very cheap also very comfortable, usually this buss pass in the front of my villege betwen 6.40 and 7am even when i wake up at 6 am sometimes i dont get to take this buss!!! today i was walking to the buss station and then he just pass truth my eyes so i run to take this bus but its was to fast i didnt get to take the buss, so i was very sad and mad in the early morning, after that. I star to think how many time we lose the buss i mean oportunity in life for not waking up early i mean for not waking up from bad situation that doesnt make us go on in our life! then i remenber when this happen i take really fast another buss that is not that comfortable and cheap like this buss caracas but in the next stop i get to take the buss caracas i dont know if you know what i mean !!! when this happen you just need to act quickly and take the another buss i mean oportunity dont let bad situation depress you noooooooooooo!!! take the another buss and get to your firts  choice!!! or even get early to your work with the another option...

miércoles, 18 de septiembre de 2013

martes, 17 de septiembre de 2013


Salam aleikom to every one salam salam, soooo hi to every one who read me im sorry i didnt post the problem is the enthernet! ok in my house where i live there no enthernet so i use the enthernet from work but they have a problem and they let us without it for 2 WEEKS you know ! it was for me the longest time, so allhamdulillah everything is going how i expected finally the problem of the last name of my daughter is done! she is mechta now ...
Also as the youtube channel the problem that now that i have everything the permition for my husband the program i need the enthernet as i said before there a company that said they will provide us with enthernet but we are still waiting for them...
I have a big new im gonna star a scarve line, yes a scarve line i wanna you keep up with me and see how it will be all the progress! soooo thank you for every one who read... and see you next post