jueves, 5 de diciembre de 2013

What now? i mean what its next...

Salam aleikom to every one salam salam , long time i didnt get the chance to write in my blog and i miss it so much , well i went for a week to usa for buy some clothes for my baby and my husband since they dont have visa, i went by my self and it was so awfull because i miss my little baby so much, insh allah for next year they will come with me so we take a little vacations ...
ok back to canada subject im sooooo sad soooo sad and tired i really wanna go there to study and live, so i found that if i do the french course my husband will not have like work permit , so i star to search about university and i got little crazy because its not something that easy , after i came from usa i found this amazing university that i will tell ya later .
for now i just wanna let you know that i need to take IELTS in order to apply to this university so all my time it will focus in study for IELTS test
by the way also i wanna after i came from usa i was little big depress because there everything is sooo clean and people have every thing its not like venezuela at all, i mean americans people work ALOT WHEN I MEAN ALOT THAT ALOT but they have the chance to live well and also they have more opportunities to have like a house and car in a short period of time ... insh allah everything goes like allah swt want so we can go canada for study and work , i will keep you update it.

hey also i almost forget i was in atlanta in aunty house a little town call duluth