miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013

Chemical weapon use in Syria

What is happening in syria its not longer diference for what is happening in the world, in palestine, in irak and other countries that war is the basic day, but even that i saw the videos of the childrens dying and couldnt stop crying because is some one its doing all this Chemical weapon who is goin to stop that!!!! i feel so bad because, im so far away, i can not do anything at all, so unable to help other, its make me cry so much maybe because i am a  MOTHER!!! i think what if it will be my daughter ???? some people say: noooo i dont wanna watch this videos but i said to my self why??? why ??? why you dont wanna see the truth? why you wanna keep blind to what its happening out there so that dont hurt you!!!... 

insh allah 
all this will solve out
anyways we cant do anything because its writting to happen like that in the history!!! because allah SWT its trying to show us something