lunes, 29 de julio de 2013


Today im just thinking and every day its just like that for the most of the time is what i wanna do, in the future what are my goals what im a good at!? ...
im trying to define what is the best for me because, i wanna be succesfull in what ever i do... i always was the girl that was not good enought and now im just tired, i wanna shine like a star, also im determinate to do it!!!!!!!

but one of my most biggest desire its go to canada so i can bring to my baby girl a better future, positive tought! I can do it because i have the strengh inside of me , i am bless person because i have health, im gonna make it.

I love language and culture, also i love asking i dont know why but i just like knowing the what? Or the why? Of every thing also i love writing and reading ! I love videos, and editing i like also picture and editing picture i loveeeee enthernet and also every have to be relate with computer and sistem and aplications and making....

what will be the best for me?