jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

Update + Willpower Project + Youtube Channel

Salam aleikom to every one salam salam 

How are you? me allhamd, so i went to the appoiment to the american visa for my husband and daughter and it was denied, yes i didnt expected also because i dont even wanna live in the USA just for visiting and shopping but what can i do? allhamd it was not in my destiny to have the visa in this "momento" moment! 

ok so i wanna write you about the Willpower project its just something that i invented for my lossing weight goal yes i wanna be healthy so i can play with my daughter and be more active person and PROactive  basically what i wanna do its vlog about what im gonna to do to lose all that weight and also to include in this proyect how you need to have willpower to achieve what you wanna in life because with the permition of allah swt nothing its impossible NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna include also the habit of praying the fayr i use to pray fayr all days , but after i just stop it all the time i was just tired to get up early,  and if you wanna really take advantage of time you must get up early darling and ME NOT doing it 

long time ago i talk to you how i wanna do a youtube channel ! because its just fun and i wanna express my self so i will let the link for my channel LA MUSU and a series that just kick out my butt to star my proyect The restart project its just a mini series in on.aol.com its amazing if you are looking to be inspire to loose weight or star a new carrer or hobby or just anything in life you must see this videos

Well untill next time

salam and remenber scarf your outfit