jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014

SOS Venezuela #12F #PrayForVenezuela

Salam aleikom to every one salam salam! Today i wanna make this post about my country and what happen yesterday, its horrible what is going on in venezuela. We dont have enough food, or money we are not able to buy dolars, we are not able to read news paper, right now the pharmacy dont have medicine, even people that have cancer dont have chemotherapy , i dont know what to say sometimes, i feel im living at nightmare, i just wanna wake up from this reallity , im so sad and i feel scared at the same time also because the insecurity we live here.

I just know that i have alot of faith that ALLAH swt will keep us safe insh allah 
Also people at the street are so angry at each other i mean the people that is with the goverment and the people that its NOT!
Yesterday  i only saw the news by twitter , facebook, webpage, instragram, youtube, and CNN in spanish that i have this feeling they will take from us the CNN in spanish.
when i write this i just wanna cry i find hard time to fix all what im thiking right know what i feel! how i Feel about this situation, Yesterday police men killed students and also in youtube i saw this video were A POLICE MAN STEAL A LADY! what about that they take avantage of the protest we are having and steal from HER, i dont know what to say how to feel.

 We can not stand anymore this
the food its too expensive

thoundes people die every day here like animals
OHHH allah! help us! forgive venezuela! forgive us!

its really hard how you see that police, military and murder are all the same, i mean if a muder dont kill you may kill you the police or maybe the military its all that againts us , who help us who save us?

Only allah swt can do it the greatest, the mercifull #PrayForVenezuela